Save Money and Time

Schools currently spend £000’s sending texts and posting letters and reports . The Edtap school app allows you to replace your text messages with unlimited free push notifications and to directly deliver letters and documents of any size or complexity to the parent and students IOS and Android devices.

App screen

Take Control

With the Edtap School App, schools control of their own communications. The school app and supporting administrative dashboard is designed to allow any school, without specialist expertise, to add, maintain and proactively deliver documents. The solution meets the objective of those who wish to delegate administrative responsibilities. Content can easily be uploaded from desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Updates are instantly propagated.

Easy to change

Schools can change any of the content of the School App using the simple to use administrative dashboard.


The publishing of documents and messages can be restricted to specifically approved staff, ensuring that all conforms to school policies. Administrative functions are password protected, with communications and data storage both encrypted.


Push Notification message technology allows for real-time delivery of messages to individuals and groups. This technology has no cost and has a number of significant benefits relative to traditional texting, such as unlimited size, the ability to include attachments, photographs, web links and the confirmation of delivery and of reading.

App screen


Information is delivered directly to the user’s mobile device without requiring private contact information. The school app does not require phone numbers or email addresses and hence avoids the significant administration effort that is often encountered to ensure that such phone numbers and email addresses are still current. The school app is fully GDPR compliant and enables the user to view the data used by the app and to deleted all of the data if the user so desires.


The apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Information is sent instantly and reliably, remaining available when offline.