Confident customer care and sustainable innovation
Our inspired dashboard design embraces simplicity and functionality, taking account of the varied needs and comfort levels in using technology amongst school staff.

All 3 products are controlled from one place, allowing a sense of connection and intuition for the administrator. Likewise, the end user experience is of one of fluency, speed and quality engagement.
Reduce Costs
It costs less money and takes less effort
Schools currently spend £000’s per annum publishing prospectuses, newsletters, induction materials and policies, on top of the posting of reports, while text messaging can amount to £00’s.

All of this can be managed within the Edtap Solution.

Our School App allows you to replace your text messages with unlimited free push notifications and to directly deliver letters and documents of any size or complexity to the parent and students IOS and Android devices.
Informing, Involving and Engaging parents in a more effective way means improving communications
The manner in which schools communicate and interact with parents has a huge impact on the extent and quality of parents' home involvement with their children's learning.

It is widely recognised that the move involved parents are in their child's education, the better the pupil performs at school.

Key to establishing and maintaining parents' interest are regular and reliable communications.
Have confidence in your communications, document storage and access
With so much talk these days about security breaches, people are more aware of the dangers around their online and smart device activities.

All data is encrypted using AES 256 bit Symmetric-key encryption. This secure environment meets the demands of the security conscious user who has become increasingly concerned about online privacy and protecting personal data against theft.
Strengthen School's Branding
Place your brand directly into the hands of your parents
Creating a clear and distinctive brand image for your school, is more than simply having a crest or logo. It means communicating in a consistent way and being instantly recognisable.

We understand that each school is unique and that your brand has often been built on years of tradition where your history, values and vision are all encompassed in how you present your school.
Strengthen School's Branding
Go Paperless
Easier sharing, less expenses, more eco-friendly
With a real and increasing concern about the effect on our environment, schools often complain of paper wastage.

By using digital versions of your paper products, you can begin to set goals and targets to eliminate the use of paper in the school place.
No more need for ineffective paper correspondence, notes not properly hand-delivered at home and pages being lost or misplaced.

Prepare for Inspections
Prepare for Inspections
Have everything on hand to be viewed by authorities
The storage aspect of our products enables all key school-documents such as mission statements, aims and objectives, prospectuses and policies can be forever archived for viewing.

Individual student attainments, records of invoices, reports and any other personal related information can also be retrieved instantly.

The combination of easy access and instant delivery capabilities is ideal for those who wish to see vital information at short notice.
Edtap minimizes the personal data that it processes and retains
Edtap is registered with the UK’s Information Commissioner's Office Register of Data Controllers and conforms to the prevailing EU data protection regulations as well as the EU-US Data Shield conventions.

Communications and delivery of information to parents is in compliance with current GDPR regulations. Our privacy policies clearly state that any personal data that is processed can be provided or deleted upon request.
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