The cost effective, secure and efficient reporting system

Access365(Family Docs), available with our Pro subscription plan, gives you the confidence that any documents or information to be delivered will be sent securely to its intended recipient.

Save space and time

With paper documents said to take up to 20% of office space, by switching to a more digital way of working, you can down the amount of paper you use and save space at the same time.

Secure login

Documents can only be viewed by your intended recipients. As essential login details are required, it:
  • Eliminates the risk of sending information to the wrong person.
  • Eliminates the concerns around sensitive information being intercepted.

Personalized & Confidential Notifications

With the Individual Notifications facility, administrators can send push notifications to any individual parent/student. General letters or documents aimed at groups can also be sent to multiple individuals in a personalized form.

More than guaranteed delivery

While the secure delivery of documents is the primary aim of the administrator, other abilities are built into the dashboard.
It automatically receives confirmation indicating when documents have been viewed by parents. This can be presented according to the specifications that are set, eg. class, year group, geographical area, etc.

Audit trail

Details of everything that has been posted to parents remains in the dashboard. Information on the person who sent, the time of sending, the parent who viewed and time of viewing is all recorded.

Anytime and anywhere access

In real office life, much time can be spent searching for misplaced or lost paper documents. Placing your data on Edtap’s cloud-based system, means that staff and parents will enjoy instant and round the clock access to their information no matter where they are.


Access365 also acts as a backup for your critical and sensitive information in case of loss due to human error, or natural disasters such as fire or flooding.

Hassle-free data collection and storage

Going paperless offers administrative as well as environmental advantages. With new pupil-intake every year and changing individual circumstances for already registered students, key data must be continually updated.

As well as distributing documents to parents, the flexible Data Collection facility within Access365(Family Docs) allows one to complete and return any information that the school requires.

Administrators may set custom forms and fields to gather essential details, keeping school records up-to-date in real time.

Transform the process of issuing reports and other documents, directly to parents

Traditionally, school-reports were sent by post twice in an academic year, involving much time and effort maintaining addresses and practically organizing the correct reports to their envelopes prior to posting. Electronic delivery is now set to play a pivotal role in these communications.

Access365(Family Docs), a Machine Learning component, enables documents to be securely and accurately assigned to the correct person or persons. Once assigned, They can be viewed digitally on the Primary365/Secondary365 app or through a website portal.

The end result is a massive reduction in time and effort involved in these processes, a financial saving as a consequence of no postage costs and a safe and quality end user experience. 

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